Alzheimer's and Your DNA with Kashif Khan

Jan 02, 2024

As the new year embarks, 2023 recaps come across your feed filled with memories made over the past year. Unfortunately for some, the topic of memories often leads to the worry of being at risk of Alzheimer's as this disease is often related to aging, often leaving out the actual factors behind it.

In this episode, Kashif dives into the reality behind Alzheimer's, the most common type of dementia in which symptoms include memory loss, lessened or loss of awareness to one's surroundings, weight loss, among others. Starting off with an example from Chris Hemsworth's show "Limitless",  Chris was told that he was eight to ten times more risk of getting dementia but was never told on ways to prevent it as Kashif points out.

Kashif then explains the potential risk factors and as well as the habits and lifestyle that contribute to having Alzheimer's besides aging - the number one cause being inflammation. Inflammation to the Brain does not come instantly but is developed over the years with our choices and the reality of the environment that we now live in. This fact takes Kashif to look into the difference of the reality of our ancestors who lived healthily and lacked stimulations from EMFs, pollutions, and food with no nutritional value.

These factors revealed in the episode are related to studies made regarding genetics, the mitochondria, metabolic health, leaky gut, and energetics. These will explain how dementia develops through the years as no one is born with dementia or any symptoms of it.

Here are the highlights of this episode:
00:30 Introduction to Alzheimer's
00:52 Chris Hemsworth and His Risk to Dementia
02:35 The Job of the APOE Gene and its Relation to Dementia
03:22 Dementia as the "Type 3 Diabetes"
05:24 The Root Causes of Inflammation to the Brain
06:11 Studies Made in Relation Fixing the Brain by Tom O'Bryan and Mark Hyman
08:09 Reaching Your 30's and Mitochondria Depletion
09:35 Metabolic Health
10:49 Leaky Gut
12:19 Leaky Brain
12:49 Women: Having Higher Risk for Dementia
14:43 Ancestors and Chronic Inflammation
19:02 Stress, Longevity, and Dementia
24:49 Maintenance Plan and Conclusion

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