DNA Testing & Reports

The DNA Company's testing offerings provide valuable insights into your genes, offering a personalized understanding of factors affecting your health. With a focus on precision, these tests empower individuals to make informed decisions about their well-being. With all testing you can enjoy a complimentary navigation call to better understand your reports and receive personalized guidance, enhancing the overall experience and maximizing the utility of their genetic information.

DNA 360 Functional Genomics Test & Reports

Discover exactly which foods, supplements, workouts, environment, and lifestyle are right for you based on your unique DNA. Then, reach peak health by giving your body exactly what it needs.

DNAging Epigenetic Test & Reports

With DNAging, your biological age becomes more than a numerical value – it's a roadmap, a compass guiding you toward a life of vitality and well-being. Our cutting-edge technology peels back the layers of your DNA, uncovering the secrets encoded in your genes and epigenetic markers.

DNA Liquid B Cancer Test & Reports

DNA Liquid B is a breakthrough in the detection and management of cancer. This innovative method scrutinizes cancer signals in the blood, offering healthcare professionals a powerful tool for early detection, treatment evaluation, and monitoring for potential recurrence.

DNA Gut 360 Microbiome Test & Reports

DNA Gut 360 is a cutting-edge health technology that gives you a detailed look into the world of your gut microbiome.

PGX Pharmacogenomics Test & Reports

PGX is a state-of-the-art DNA test that redefines how you approach healthcare. With PGX, you'll confidently navigate the selection and dosage of medications, ensuring they align seamlessly with your genetic profile.

Genetic Insights Bundle: DNA 360 & PGX

The Ultimate Genetic Insights Bundle is an advanced testing package meticulously crafted to transform your approach to health and wellness. This bundle includes a personalized consultation with a skilled clinician solely focused on interpreting your PGX test results. This ensures you understand and are able to effectively apply these insights to optimize your health.

Annual Vitality Bundle: DNAging, DNA Gut 360, & DNA Liquid B

Introducing the DNA Vitality Annual Testing Bundle, a complete health assessment package crafted to give you personalized insights for your best possible health.