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PGX is a state-of-the-art DNA test that redefines how you approach healthcare. It delves into the interactions between your unique genetic makeup and over 165 pharmaceuticals (including antidepressants and antipsychotics), supplements, and anesthesia, leaving behind one-size-fits-all solutions in favor of precision medicine tailored just for you. 

  • Personalized, Safety-First Treatment Insight: PGX carefully analyzes how your DNA affects how your body processes drugs. This knowledge helps you and your healthcare provider make smart choices, making treatments more effective and lowering possible risks. 
  • Prevent Adverse Reactions: Discover if there is the potential for adverse reactions to certain treatments based on your genes. PGX gives you really crucial medical information for a safer and more customized approach to your healthcare. 
  • Easy At-Home Test: Our convenient at-home testing kit makes the process simple and hassle-free, allowing you to unlock valuable insights into your genetic profile from the comfort of your own home. 
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Pharmacogenomics Report
Pharmacogenomics Report
Pharmacogenomics Report
Pharmacogenomics Report
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Are You A US Resident with Private Health Insurance? PGX Might Be Covered

PGX pharmacogenomics testing holds the potential to be partially or fully covered by private insurance providers in the United States, as it offers significant benefits in personalized medication management. By analyzing an individual's genetic makeup, PGX testing can help predict how they will respond to certain medications, leading to more effective treatment outcomes and reduced adverse drug reactions. As the healthcare industry increasingly recognizes the value of precision medicine in improving patient care and reducing healthcare costs, private insurance providers may consider covering PGX testing as part of their benefits packages, ultimately enhancing patient access to this innovative form of genetic testing.

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Personalized Precision Medicine

Understanding how your genetics may influence your response to medications is crucial for personalized healthcare. With over 165 medications and supplements analyzed, this knowledge enables informed decision-making when selecting and dosing medications, ultimately reducing the risk of harmful reactions or complications. By knowing how your body may react to certain treatments based on your genetics, you and your healthcare provider can make safer and more effective choices, enhancing overall treatment outcomes and ensuring personalized care tailored to your unique genetic makeup.


The Dangers of Guessing: Understanding the Risks of Wrong Medication

Relying on guesswork when it comes to medication or supplementation can have serious consequences. According to studies, a significant portion of adverse drug reactions and medication errors are due to improper prescribing practices. For instance, research shows that up to 30% of hospital admissions are related to medication errors, costing billions of dollars annually in healthcare expenses. Using a guess-first approach to prescribing medication or supplements can lead to overdoses, adverse reactions, and even life-threatening complications. Therefore, it's essential to leverage tools like pharmacogenomics testing to ensure personalized and precise treatment plans, minimizing the risks associated with trial-and-error methods of medication management.

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Don’t Wonder What Treatment Is Right For You. Know.

Pharmacogenomic testing holds the key to unlocking a healthier, longer life. By analyzing how your genes interact with medications, this innovative approach provides personalized insights into which treatments are most effective and safe for you. By optimizing medication plans and avoiding potentially harmful drugs, pharmacogenomic testing not only improves wellness but also extends longevity by ensuring that you receive the most suitable and beneficial treatments throughout your lifespan. Investing in pharmacogenomic testing is investing in your future health and vitality, empowering you to live your best life for years to come.

How we’ve changed lives

“I was a very healthy individual, but once I hit 60 years old everything changed with my health. And in my quest for answers that my doctor could not provide I discovered The DNA Company while listening to the Dr. Gundry podcast. So I purchased a DNA test and have been very pleased with the knowledge it armed me with. I was able to better understand my changing health. ”

James T.

“I understand myself in ways I never imagined. I finally get why I react the way I do and what I need to do to feel better. There's so much stuff out there in the health and wellness world, and it's honestly overwhelming! But I realized that any action plan must begin with learning how my body uniquely works. I'm now selective and precise about what I need to do to feel my best. ”

Sara T.

“I finally found answers to why so many things I tried, including medication, did not work. My body does not do well with carbs and the pain and inflammation caused by them was having a detrimental effect so much that sometimes I could barely move. Because of the DNA results I have eliminated or severely reduced simple carbs from my diet. After only three weeks my pain level has been reduced by about half, my stomach issues have subsided, and my clothes fit better.”

Lee D.

“I have gone to multiple functional MDs through the years and had many tests. This test provided so much clarity for my health I am absolutely blown away by all the useful information I obtained. It honestly will save me so much money on supplements that were not what my body needed. This test has made such a positive change in my health that I have told my entire family they need to do it. ”

Janice M.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will my data be shared with third parties?

Don’t worry, your data is safe with us. We
immediately aggregate and anonymize all data, and our data management is
HIPAA compliant. We will NEVER sell your DNA data to any 3rd party,
without your consent.


How long does the testing process take?

When you order a DNA 360 kit from our website, one is immediately
dispatched to your home from our warehouse. Once you send the saliva sample back to our labs it typically takes about 4 to 6 weeks to receive
your final results.

Due to Covid-19 specimen testing many laboratories are busier than usual. We hope to decrease the wait time in the coming months as capacity continues to open up.

Fun fact: Surveyed customers reported that The DNA 360 test “exceeded their expectations” upon arrival.