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Our revolutionary DNA 360 Test is designed to dive into the secrets of your biological makeup. Unlike basic DNA tests, your DNA 360 reports offer personalized health recommendations tailored to actively prevent identified risks and take the guesswork out of living your healthiest life. 

  • Dive Deep Into Your Unique Genome: Receive 38 detailed health reports covering various aspects of your well-being including diet, detoxification, sleep, mood, nutrition, and more. 
  • Living Longer, Healthier Just Got Easier: Gain access to an exclusive longevity report, providing practical advice to add healthier, happy years to your life. 
  • Skip The Guesswork For Your Optimal Lifestyle: Get actionable guidance for specific dietary preferences, optimal supplements, suitable exercises, environmental factors, and lifestyle adjustments aligned with your unique genetic profile. 
  • Easy At-Home Test: Our convenient at-home testing kit makes the process simple and hassle-free, allowing you to unlock valuable insights into your genetic profile from the comfort of your own home. 
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DNA 360 Digital Lab Report
DNA 360 Digital Lab Report
DNA 360 Digital Lab Report
DNA 360 Digital Lab Report

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Get Personalized Recommendations

Discover Your Personalized Lifestyle Needs with DNA Testing

Did you know that genetic variations can impact how your body processes essential micronutrients like Vitamin C, D, and Zinc? Our DNA test provides insights into your unique genetic makeup, revealing your body's strengths and weaknesses in processing these vital nutrients. With our DNA 360 Report, you'll receive personalized recommendations on the right supplements and forms tailored to optimize your health and well-being.


Introducing GeneCast: Your Personalized Genetic Audio Journey

A GeneCast is a personalized audio playlist that contains individual ‘gene tracks’, which are mini audio lessons on genes found in your body. No one GeneCast is the same, each is generated based on the genes found inside of your DNA 360 Report. Sit back on the couch, press play on your GeneCast and you will soon learn exactly what genes you have, what they are responsible for, and how they impact your health. Your GeneCast is one of a kind, just like your DNA.

Get Personalized Recommendations

Unlock Longevity with the Power of DNA Testing

Discover the key to unlocking your longevity potential with DNA testing. By analyzing your unique genetic makeup, DNA testing removes the guesswork and provides personalized insights into the lifestyle choices that can optimize your health and extend your lifespan. Say goodbye to trial and error, and embrace a tailored approach to living your best life, backed by scientific evidence and tailored specifically to you.

How we’ve changed lives

“I was extremely impressed with the detailed report and was able to immediately take action and see improvements in my life. An example, my eyesight had been declining since turning 30 and my DNA report mentioned that I had a genetic expression that didn't allow me to absorb vitamin A very well. I immediately started taking a certain kind of vitamin A that was recommended by the DNA report and I no longer wear my glasses or have headaches. ”

Jacqueline S.

“The reports and amount of information were much more comprehensive than I thought they would be. Almost uncanny how it pegged my sleeping habits. The most important find was my nutritional challenges and my inability to rid myself naturally from toxins, as well as the recommendations. I could make an argument that the reports may have saved my life. ”

Mark M.

“ I've suffered from food intolerances for 30 years and have been endlessly trying to "fix my gut" problems with different diets and supplements. This report has made me aware that the symptoms I experienced are actually related to my DNA and lack of some genes. I plan to implement many of the suggestions that have been offered in this report in hopes of reducing some of those symptoms. ”

Becky R.

“Learning about my genes has really helped me devise a nutrition strategy that has increased my energy and improved my overall health and well-being. The reports were so accurate and revealing to what makes me tick. I have made amazing progress in every area of my life by following the suggested protocols in the reports. ”

William J.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our DNA Report Provides an Action Plan Not Just Risk Percentages

Generic DNA reports often focus on providing risk percentages. But knowing there is a 90% risk of something is not enough. Consumers want to know, "what can be done to reduce that risk?" This is exactly what The DNA 360 Report does. It tells you exactly what health optimizations you can make to be part of the 10% group that avoid the issue. Find out exactly what diet, lifestyle and environmental choices are right for your DNA and risk profile.


Our DNA Scan is Far More Comprehensive Than Generic DNA Tests

Most DNA companies do a very shallow scan to find irregularities in your DNA. They do this by scanning something called gene “SNPs”. The DNA Company’s advanced DNA test looks far beyond surface level SNPs. Our advanced DNA test scans several layers deeper beyond SNPs to see if you have missing genes, copies, or even gene mutations. This is the deepest level DNA scan available on the market.


Our DNA Scan Looks Beyond Single Genes to Analyze Systems

Every gene is part of a system in your body. Generic tests focus on telling you if you have a specific gene or not. But identifying a gene that is present only tells part of the story. How that gene interacts with other systems in your body is the missing piece of the puzzle not provided by generic DNA tests. The DNA Company’s advanced DNA test and 360 Report will not only tell you which genes you have but it will generate 6 system reports telling you exactly how those genes function inside of important systems in your body. In order to create this systems-first approach to DNA scanning The DNA Company conducted the largest study of its kind studying over 7,000 individuals. Our genomics team and engineers used this study to help build our deep scanning technology. The latest version of our deep scanning technology scans your DNA using over 4.7 billion data points.