Genetic Insights Bundle: DNA 360 & PGX

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The Ultimate Genetic Insights Bundle is an advanced testing package meticulously crafted to transform your approach to health and wellness. Our comprehensive DNA 360 gives you unmatched information on how your DNA impacts a variety of importance health factors, and PGX analyzes over 165 medications and supplements, providing detailed insights into their compatibility with your unique genetic blueprint. Armed with this critical information, you can confidently navigate your healthcare decisions. 

This bundle includes a personalized consultation with a skilled clinician solely focused on interpreting your PGX test results. This ensures you understand and are able to effectively apply these insights to optimize your health. 

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Genetic Insights Bundle: DNA 360 & PGX
Genetic Insights Bundle: DNA 360 & PGX
Genetic Insights Bundle: DNA 360 & PGX
Genetic Insights Bundle: DNA 360 & PGX
Get Personalized Recommendations

Use Functional Genomics to Unlock Your Health Potential

Our DNA 360 Reports provides invaluable insights into your genetic makeup, highlighting specific genetic variations that impact your health and well-being. By understanding how your genes influence factors such as metabolism, nutrient absorption, and hormone regulation, you can make informed decisions to support your unique genetic profile. Whether you're seeking to improve your energy levels, manage weight, or enhance athletic performance, our Functional Genomics Guide empowers you with personalized recommendations tailore d to your genetic blueprint.


Maximize Your Medication Management

PGX testing provides personalized recommendations to optimize medication selection, dosage, and efficacy. Say goodbye to trial-and-error approaches and potential adverse drug reactions—PGX testing empowers you and your healthcare provider with targeted insights for safer and more effective treatment. Whether you're managing chronic conditions, exploring new medications, or seeking to improve treatment outcomes, PGX testing offers a tailored approach to medication management, ensuring you receive the right treatment.

Get Personalized Recommendations

Know Yourself, Right Down to Your DNA

Discover the power of combining functional genomic and pharmacogenomic testing to create a holistic health assessment tailored to your unique genetic makeup. By analyzing your genetic variations, our comprehensive approach provides actionable insights to restore and maintain good health. Functional genomic testing reveals how your genes impact various aspects of your health, including metabolism, nutrient absorption, and hormone regulation. Meanwhile, pharmacogenomic testing uncovers how your genes influence your body's response to medications, ensuring personalized treatment plans that optimize efficacy and minimize side effects. Together, these tests offer a complete picture of your genetic health, empowering you to make informed decisions and take proactive steps towards optimal well-being.

How we’ve changed lives

“I was extremely impressed with the detailed report and was able to immediately take action and see improvements in my life. An example, my eyesight had been declining since turning 30 and my DNA report mentioned that I had a genetic expression that didn't allow me to absorb vitamin A very well. I immediately started taking a certain kind of vitamin A that was recommended by the DNA report and I no longer wear my glasses or have headaches. ”

Jacqueline S.

“The reports and amount of information were much more comprehensive than I thought they would be. Almost uncanny how it pegged my sleeping habits. The most important find was my nutritional challenges and my inability to rid myself naturally from toxins, as well as the recommendations. I could make an argument that the reports may have saved my life. ”

Mark M.

“ I've suffered from food intolerances for 30 years and have been endlessly trying to "fix my gut" problems with different diets and supplements. This report has made me aware that the symptoms I experienced are actually related to my DNA and lack of some genes. I plan to implement many of the suggestions that have been offered in this report in hopes of reducing some of those symptoms. ”

Becky R.

“Learning about my genes has really helped me devise a nutrition strategy that has increased my energy and improved my overall health and well-being. The reports were so accurate and revealing to what makes me tick. I have made amazing progress in every area of my life by following the suggested protocols in the reports. ”

William J.