Biohacks for Everyday Life with Justin Harris

Nov 07, 2023

Life doesn't have to be complicated!

Personalizing your health choices is the best decision you will ever make for yourself. This is proven to be true as our DNA profiles are not the exact same. With that, Justin Harris brings you your Biohacks for your Everyday Life to make your life better one day at a time.

Justin Harris is an in-house clinician of the DNA Company, having experience as a primal health coach which serves as his introduction to the human genome before diving into the world of DNA. Justin is a certified nutritionist who has a great foundation in alternative and holistic health service. He strives to empower your personalized health journeys, and uncover your genetic potential.

In this episode, Justin dives into biohacking techniques which refer to lifestyle changes that make your health better based on your own health. Justin shares the techniques that he has tried and tested himself, which are now part of his daily routine.

Here are the practices that Justin discussed in the episode: 

00:30 Introduction
03:32 Definition of Biohacking
04:36 Biohacking Your Mornings: Hydration
06:11 Grounding
09:31 Cold Exposure
12:28 Red Light Therapy
13:58 Neurotropics
16:06 Fasting
17:18 Biohacking Your Hygiene Tactics
17:32 Skin Care
19:57 Oral Health
22:12 Sleep Hygiene
26:38 Dry Skin Brushing
28:35 Turning Your Brain Off
29:42 Decompressing Your Joints
31:09 Healthy Hair, Healthy You
33:57 Conclusion

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