Bridging Gaps in Healthcare Accessibility with Mental Health with Dr. Krista Kostroman, N.D.

May 16, 2024

Have you ever experienced being denied or discriminated when it comes to healthcare?

In this episode, Dr. Krista Kostroman, Chief Science Officer of the DNA Company dives into the importance of bridging gaps in healthcare accessibility for the LGBT Community. She highlights how we must advocate for improving the patient experience for the members of the community to contribute to the long-standing battle against discrimination.

All individuals have the right to access proper healthcare, and the right to know about their health risks and how to deal with them. It is proven that members of the LGBT community deal with a ton of stress-related symptoms, as well as concerns on cardiovascular health. In line with this, Dr. Krista delivers some advice on ways to provide better care, speaking on the responsibilities of healthcare providers, and how members of the LGBT community can protect themselves in these spaces.

From the basic acknowledgement of each one's pronouns to the safety of the patients, down to the continuous efforts of contributing to the science of addressing the healthcare concerns of the LGBT Community, this episode aims to provide an informed safe space for all individuals in terms of health and science.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

00:00 Introduction
08:50 Common Health Risks in the Community
16:26 The State of Mental Health
19:33 Empowering Better Care for the LGBT Community

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