Detoxifying Air and Preventing Mold Based on Unique Air Situations with David Milburn of HypoAir

Dec 19, 2023

There is no silver bullet when it comes to purifying the air that you breathe based on your environment!

In this episode, Justin Harris interviews David Milburn, CTO of HypoAir (Hypoallergenic Air LLC). HypoAir's Core Design Philosophy is to use state-of-the-art technologies to replicate the natural processes that produce clean, fresh air outside - bringing that same purity indoors.

Throughout the episode, Justin and David discuss the reality that we face today - that 100% of our homes are prone to mold. This is where air purifiers come in but are you choosing the air purifier that's right for your home?

David shares how these different products are capable of cleaning the air around you along with proper techniques that you must take note of in order to get the best results from your intention for your household to experience a healthier environment of air. 

Justin and David dive deep into the different types of pollution based on indoor and outdoor situations and how the right products with proper ionization can make the difference. In line with this, they point out how these unique situations are not solely on external environment alone but factors such as your genetic makeup and your body's ability to detoxify is also a huge contributor on how your body responds.

They also point out travel hacks which you may have never even heard of to keep you from inhaling all the dangers that cleaning products have to offer. 

Here are the chapters of today's episode:
00:00 Introduction
05:32 The Presence of Mold Due to Air
09:51 Indoor and Outdoor Pollution
15:44 Polar Ions: HEPA, HVAC, and other systems
24:03 Choosing the Right Products for Your Home
28:57 The Dangers of Cleaning Products
32:55 Detoxifying Your air
35:00 Socials
36:19 Air and Genetics
39:38 Air Quality and Data
41:06 Got Mold! and Proper Moisture Management
45:14 Unique Air Situations
49:22 The Reality of Bathroom Fans and Exhausts
53:18 Water Filtration
58:17 Particle Sizes of Filtration
01:01:52 Conclusion

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