Diving into the Reality of Male Hormones

Nov 21, 2023

Happy Movember!

Starting off back in 2003, Movember has now become an annual movement in  November to raise awareness on men's health and issues, addressing misconceptions and ways to improve this aspect of health. In line with this, we launch this episode to dive into the reality of male hormones - a huge factor on how we should navigate in Men's Health.

In this episode, the Co-Founder of the DNA Company, Kashif Khan, discusses male hormones in the context of the hormone cascade. He explains how, biologically males and females actually produce the exact same thing but the priorities, problems and opportunities for these are different. These are seen when looking into a woman's 28-day cycle compared to a man's daily cycle; looking into the difference of being androgenized or estrogenized; fitness and health; and understanding how hormone disruptions are common yet preventable in this day and age.

00:00 Introduction
01:58 The Hormone Cascade
05:54 Misconceptions on Male Hormones
08:14 Binding Your Testosterone
10:12 Estrogenized Males and Fitness
14:40 DHT and the Death of Hair Follicles
18:17 Hormone Disruptions
23:35 Hormones and Your Reality & Environment
26:27 How to Counter Hormone Disruption

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