How Light Affects Our Circadian Rhythm and Overall Health with Roudy Nassif of Vivarays

Nov 28, 2023

Do you struggle with restlessness, fatigue, and difficulty in sleeping? You may just find the solution to all of that in this episode!

Join Dr. Lara Varden as she interviews Roudy Nassif, the founder of Vivarays, leading the Light Revolution. His company is responsible for introducing the world's first circadian light-harmonizing eyewear. These glasses harmonize the bad effects of artificial light coming from screens and indoor light bulbs, helping individuals sync with nature's rhythm for a more vibrant life.

In this episode, Dr. Lara and Roudy discuss the following points:

Roudy's Story
Roudy has suffered from ADHD, headaches, and eyestrain since childhood. No matter what he does - consulting with doctors, trying out different diets and supplements, and going to different health gurus - he has been unable to feel better. He also continued struggling with sleep, and as well as his productivity.

He carries this frustration as he gets older, still unable to find any solution. That is until he tried out farming and living a life where he is exposed to the outdoors with the sunrise and the sunset just around the corner. This life-changing experience allowed his health to transform, with remarkable changes to his sleep, focus, and overall health. This led his curiosity to studying light and how it affects the circadian rhythm.

Light and the Circadian Rhythm
Light is capable of sending signals to your body regarding which hormones it must produce at a certain point of the day. The reason why we feel sleepy, energized, productive - these are all affected by the intensity and type of light we expose ourselves to.

Take the sun as an example. The sun is a natural form of blue light that does not spike unlike artificial blue light. It is also mixed in with different shades and this allows our body to become energized and alert as we start the day and expose ourselves to sunlight and produce cortisol. As the day goes on, we eventually have the sunset which is more red in hue and reminiscent of the bonfire that our ancestors expose themselves to at the end of the day, ramping up melatonin levels, setting us up for sleep.

Vivarays and Aiding with Light Exposure
Understanding how light affects our body, Roudy has put up Vivarays. Vivarays are revolutionary lenses that provides all day protection, allowing us to reclaim nature's dark/light cycles with a pair of glasses. This one-of-a-kind eco-friendly lens technology allows you to sleep and function better, giving your body just what it needs at different points of the day.

00:00 The DNA Talks Podcast Intro
00:30 Episode Introduction
02:57 Roudy's Story
10:22 Roudy's Life-Changing Experience
15:27 Law of Relativity by Albert Einstein
17:40 Light and Sleep
19:00 Blue-blocking glasses
26:00 Detox and Mitochondrial Function
30:40 The Circadian Rhythm
37:17 DNA Reports
39:52 VivaRays
42:19 The Reality of Blue Light
50:42 Sleep Masks
57:10 Prescription Lenses
01:02:09 Socials and Conclusion
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