Menopause Hormonal Therapy: HRT and BHRT with Dr. Betty Murray

Jul 04, 2024

Hormone Replacement Therapy has existed long in the 60's before we were even taught of the right dosages for women. In fact, up until the 90's, medical studies mostly excluded women, making medical solutions only in consideration of men. With this in mind, have you ever asked yourself if you've been giving your body the right care especially once you're undergoing perimenopause and menopause?

Join us in this episode as Dr. Stephanie Nielsen, one of our in-house clinicians, dive into different research studies with Dr. Betty Murray, Founder of Living Well Dallas, a Functional Medicine Center that provides whole body patient-centric care. Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Betty discuss the context behind hormonal therapies - which you may not even be aware that you have already been taking to manage your body such as birth control pills despite not knowing of potential risks and benefits of each one towards your symptoms.

Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Betty also debunk myths, and go into the differences and impact of hormonal replacement therapy and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Hormone replacement therapy being synthetic, while bioidentical hormone replacement therapy being more similar to what already exists and what is being produced by the body. Though they may be used for the same purpose, but definitely have different implications on the body. 

Don't miss out on today's episode to ensure you make the best decisions for your body! Here are some of the concepts that were discussed throughout the episode as well:

  • The Impact of Birth Control Pills
  • Discussing the Initial Study of the Women's Health Initiative
    • Considering Health Stages, Risks, and Habits
  • The Differences and Similarities of HRT and BHRT
  • How Hormones Work and Get Produced
  • Medications that may screw up your liver
  • Proper Ways of Looking Into Research Studies on Health
  • Importance of Looking Into Your DNA
  • Dementia and Hormones
  • Diet and Menopause

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Medical Disclaimer: The intention of this podcast is to enhance your lifestyle by changing what is within your control. This does not substitute the medical advice given by your personal doctor, therapist, and other healthcare professionals.