The Benefits of Infrared Saunas and Light Therapy with Brian Richards

Oct 24, 2023

Necessity is the mother of invention.

This statement is proven true when SaunaSpace was invented, and is now your best source for your won Infrared Sauna built-in with light therapy from incandescent lamps. It all started when Brian had experienced adrenal fatigue after college and made his own electric light bath - now he has a workshop where they carefully craft these organic devices which is not only a step but a leap towards detoxification, rejuvenation, a boosted immune system, longevity, increased physical and mental performance, among several other health benefits that it could offer.

In this episode, Dr. Lara Varden is joined by Brian Richards, the founder and inventor of SaunaSpace. What started in 2008 as a DIY project and a personal journey to optimal health inspired him to create SaunaSpace’s Incandescent Sauna product line in order to help others discover the pathway to natural healing, which now includes the world’s first Faraday-Cage Sauna. 

Dr. Lara and Brian dive into the health benefits of a sauna session, and everything else related to saunas. This involves the scientific explanation as to how photobiomodulation, a form of light therapy, varies depending on the bulbs that were used - even involving how traditional practices such as basking in the sun throughout different points of the day is beneficial. Besides this, here are the different chapters and topics that may be found in the episode:

00:00 Introduction
01:30 The SaunaSpace Origin Story
07:10 Difference of LED and Incandescent Bulbs for Light Therapy
13:07 Health Benefits of a Sauna Session
16:20 Photobiomodulation
24:34 Ancestral Practices: Early Morning and Midday Sun
26:53 The SaunaSpace Sauna and Structuring Water
28:30 Levels of Light Therapy Penetration
30:09 The Optimal SaunaSpace Procedure
33:33 Wearable Devices
35:56 Light Flicker Rates and Seizures
42:01 External Incandescent Thermal Light and its Benefits
45:00 SaunaSpace as an Organic Sauna
50:20 Caring for Your SaunaSpace
51:30 Who Can Use the SaunaSpace
55:05 Conclusion and Socials

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