Top Biohacks For Longevity with Kashif Khan

Jun 27, 2024

There are so many external and internal factors that affect our health and life span as we maneuver our day to day lives. We try out different biohacking devices but there are actually top biohacks that we can do for free!

Join us in this episode as one of our co-founders, Kashif Khan, discuss the top eight biohacks that could add years and vibrance onto your health and life! From as simple as getting more sunlight to being more mindful about your sense of purpose, even just doing a couple of these 

These biohacks take you back to the basics, the very foundation of health, making sure that we have a lifestyle that is sustainable and at its best!

Here are the chapters of this episode:
02:19 First Biohack
04:45 Second Biohack
07:41 Third Biohack
09:36 Fourth Biohack
15:44 Fifth Biohack
22:08 Sixth Biohack
24:40 Seventh Biohack
26:18 Eighth Biohack
28:28 Conclusion

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Medical Disclaimer: The intention of this podcast is to enhance your lifestyle by changing what is within your control. This does not substitute the medical advice given by your personal doctor, therapist, and other healthcare professionals.