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Unlock Your Genetic Potential

Empower Your Health Journey with DNA Testing

Personalized healthcare is utilizing DNA testing and genetically informed health coaching to add healthier years to your life. You didn't get to choose your DNA, but you can choose what to do with your unique genetic makeup.

Comprehensive DNA Testing

At The DNA Company, we provide comprehensive DNA testing services that cover a wide range of health and wellness needs.
From functional genomics analysis to cancer screening, our advanced testing options offer valuable insights into your genetic makeup.
Whether you're seeking personalized health recommendations or early detection of potential health risks,
our DNA testing services are designed to empower you on your wellness journey.


DNA 360 Functional Genomics Test & Reports

Discover the depths of your biological makeup with our cutting-edge DNA 360 lab test, examining an impressive 4.7 billion data points from your saliva—a level of detail that sets it apart in the market.


DNAging Epigenetic Test & Reports

DNAging identifies your biological age using a variety of epigenetic markers and provides personalized recommendations on how to optimize your health as you age. Live longer, feel healthier - that's the DNAging promise.


PGX Pharmacogenomics Test & Reports

PGX is a state-of-the-art DNA test that redefines how you approach healthcare. It delves into the interactions between your unique genetic makeup and over 165 pharmaceuticals supplements, and anesthesia, leaving behind one-size-fits-all solutions in favor of precision medicine tailored just for you.


DNA Gut 360 Microbiome Test & Reports

DNA Gut 360 uses a combination of powerful testing methods to examine microbes and fungi present in your gut. This careful approach examines the diversity of bacteria, the balance of flora, and the production of important nutrients like short-chain fatty acids.


DNA Liquid B Cancer Test & Reports

DNA Liquid B is a breakthrough in the detection and management of cancer. This innovative method scrutinizes cancer signals in the blood, offering healthcare professionals a powerful tool for early detection, treatment evaluation, and monitoring for potential recurrence.

Personalized DNA-Informed Coaching

Experience the ultimate personalized health journey with the DNABlueprint Health coaching programs, where certified practitioners leverage your personalized genetics reports to provide unparalleled insights. Our certified practitioners are equipped to interpret and tailor recommendations based on your unique genetic makeup, ensuring a customized approach that aligns with your specific needs and goals. With professional guidance and support, embark on a transformative health journey that empowers you to make informed decisions and achieve lasting well-being

Our Clinical Partners

Using the power of DNA testing, health practitioners can gain invaluable insights into their patients' genetic predispositions and tailor treatment plans accordingly, leading to more personalized and effective care. At The DNA Company, our advanced tests are trusted by both practitioners and athletes alike to optimize performance and enhance patient outcomes. By utilizing our tests, practitioners and athletes can unlock the potential of their genetic makeup, enabling them to take their performance and patient care to new heights.

“Healthcare shouldn't be about waiting to get sick.”

Thrive Clinic


“When we understand our genes…I think this is the future of personalized health”

Lisa Tamati


“This is the product that I recommend to our 7000 doctors.”

Sachin Patel


“...understanding the complexities of [our patients’] genetic issues allowed us to better target our recommendations.”

Andrea Nakayama

Functional Nutrition

In a league of our own,

We challenge the standard set by other DNA companies.

Unlike similar DNA testing, our DNA 360 Test goes beyond surface-level analysis by examining 4.7 billion data points from your saliva, making it one of the most comprehensive tests on the market. After taking the test, you'll receive 38 detailed health reports along with an exclusive longevity report, providing actionable insights that could potentially add an extra ten years to your lifespan. With its advanced technology and personalized recommendations, the DNA 360 Test offers unparalleled depth and precision in unlocking the secrets of your genetic blueprint for optimal health and longevity.

Protecting Your Privacy

Prioritizing Your Privacy & Data Security

We aren’t like other DNA testing companies. At The DNA Company, your privacy is our top priority.
Unlike other DNA companies, we do not engage in the sale of your data for any reason - ever. Our business model is centered around providing you, the consumer, with top-tier advanced DNA tests and reports. While other companies may compromise your data privacy for profit, we are committed to focusing on your needs and delivering high-quality services. When you choose a DNA test and report from us, rest assured that your data is stored securely on bank-grade servers, and it will never be sold to third parties. Only you and our lab, responsible for generating your report, will ever have access to your data. Your sample is also destroyed after use, ensuring optimal privacy and protection.


Here’s How Our Tests Are Changing Lives

“I was a very healthy individual, but once I hit 60 years old everything changed with my health. And in my quest for answers that my doctor could not provide I discovered The DNA Company while listening to the Dr. Gundry podcast. So I purchased a DNA test and have been very pleased with the knowledge it armed me with. I was able to better understand my changing health. ”

James T.

“I understand myself in ways I never imagined. I finally get why I react the way I do and what I need to do to feel better. There's so much stuff out there in the health and wellness world, and it's honestly overwhelming! But I realized that any action plan must begin with learning how my body uniquely works. I'm now selective and precise about what I need to do to feel my best.”

Sara T.

“ I finally found answers to why so many things I tried, including medication, did not work. My body does not do well with carbs and the pain and inflammation caused by them was having a detrimental effect so much that sometimes I could barely move. Because of the DNA results I have eliminated or severely reduced simple carbs from my diet. After only three weeks my pain level has been reduced by about half, my stomach issues have subsided, and my clothes fit better.”

Lee D.

“I have gone to multiple functional MDs through the years and had many tests. This test provided so much clarity for my health I am absolutely blown away by all the useful information I obtained. It honestly will save me so much money on supplements that were not what my body needed. This test has made such a positive change in my health that I have told my entire family they need to do it. ”

Janice M.