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The Longevity Report is the perfect supplement to our detailed 360 Report, allowing anyone to completely understand their body, how it ages, and how to optimize against chronic disease and rapid aging.

Out of the over 20,000 genes in the human body, only 22 are directly related to longevity and aging. The Longevity Report analyzes 4.7 billion data points to uncover vital insights from these genes to determine how your body reacts to aging.

Your report will include a grade score and breakdown of the four important biomarkers of longevity. It will also contain personalized recommendations for successfully working through any risks associated with sub-optimal results as well as recommendations for optimizing and boosting your overall longevity.

  • Helps to facilitate muscular recovery during and after exercise
  • Helps to improve cellular health
  • Helps to protect against oxidative damage
  • Supports blood sugar regulation
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Supports optimal energy and cognition
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Longevity Report